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Silica Sands

Quarried, washed and processed on site, well graded silica sands are our speciality. In addition to our building sand, which is the most popular bricklaying sand used on the Isle of Man, we produce a concreting sand, pavior bedding sand, kiln dried pavior jointing sand. Our unwashed sand is generally very clean and may be used as dug for blinding or covering pipes and cables. All our aggregates have a sulphate and chloride content of less than 0.001%, and typically a silica content in excess of 90%.  All Our silica sands are thoroughly washed and scrubbed to remove any contaminants then sized and dewatered before being stockpiled. Our silica sands are subject to regular in house testing for quality, but independent tests can be carried out at the customers request.  

Building Sand:

This is a fine sand and is ideal for bricklaying and rendering, try it today, the results speak for themselves.

Manufactured to BS EN 13139:2002

Concreting Sand:

A medium coarse washed sand, typically less than 6mm, that is suitable for concreting, and particularly as a bedding layer for block paving. The coarse element of this sand improves drainage and binding.

Manufactured to BS EN 12620:2002

Graded Sand:

Got a trench to back fill? Or cables to cover? Well, there's no better sand for the job. CORLETTS graded sand is taken straight from the bank and is subject to minimal processing to keep the cost down!

Delivery can be by bulk tipper loads up to 16 tonnes


One tonne bags with crane off load vehicle

Also available in:

25 kg sealed bags.

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