Corlett Building Materials Ltd

Quality Guarentee 


CORLETTS Quality System is based on four principles:

Customer Requirements

Employee Involvement

Quality Control

Continuous Improvement

The Company is committed to meeting, Customer and ISO 9002 1994 quality requirements. All employees are instructed as to their own responsibility for the quality of products produced and service provided.

By working in such a manner that wherever possible their work is:


The quality systems and proceedures contained or made reference to within the Quality Manual are binding and shall be adhered to , by all employees of CORLETTS

The maintenance and revision of the Quality System is the responsibility of of the Management Representative as authorised by the Quality Executive.

Quality Standards are only achieved with the the cooperation of all employees at every level, with Managers and Supervisors responsible for ensuring Quality Policies and Proceedures are correctly implemented and maintained.

Overall responsibility for ensuring that employees adhere to Quality Policies, Procedures and Standards lies with Senior management team.

Quality Policies, Procedures and issue Controlled Documentation are the foundation and execution of the Company's Quality Planning.

Updating and improving the Quality System is a continuous process by the Review of the System through Audits, Inspection, Checks and Testing. The findings being evaluated at Management & Interim Reviews.

To continually seek to improve the technical capability with optimum capacity through the utilisation of trained human resources, technical expertise with innovation to maintain the quality of product and service to customers is the Quality Planning & Policy of Corlett Building Materials Ltd.