Corlett Building Materials Ltd

Mortars, Renders and Screeds 

CORLETTS  Ready spread mortars, renders and screeds are factory produced in special adapted mixing facility. Ready spread mortars are eminently suitable for use in all types of masonry construction, both above and below Damp-Proof Course.

The extremely accurate mix designs of Ready spread CLSM, CSM, CLSR, CSR and CSS mortars, renders and screeds conform to BS EN 998:2003 and ensure maximum resistance to frost attack and excellent long term durability. Mortars and renders are normally retarded for up to 36 hours (screeds on 12 hours) and require no further machine mixing. Well graded silica sands, high quality lime (CLSM CLSR only) and Portland cement are accurately proportioned with special admixtures under strict quality control to ensure that the appropriate working time and strength are achieved. All mortars and renders can be deliver to your site or collected in tubs of 250ltrs. Screed can be collected or delivered in either 1 tonne bags or loose in a tipper.


Ready-to-Use Mortars & Renders


CORLETTS  Cement Sand Mortars are produced in our state-of-the-art mixing plant and are ready-to-use upon delivery or collection. CSM's are ideal for work below ground level, freestanding walls and retaining walls. Although 1:3 or 1:4 mixes are the most commonly specified, other CSM mixes are available if required.



CORLETTS  Cement Lime Sand Mortars are also produced in our state-of-the-art mixing plant and also ready-to-use upon delivery or collection. CLSM's are great for use in all types of masonry construction both above and below Damp-Proof Course. Although the exact specification will depend on the properties of the masonry unit, the type of contruction and exposure conditions.


 Both types of mortar are available in a wide range of colours. We can even match your existing coloured mortar if you require and 1 tub of mortar will lay between 200-300 blocks or approximately 500 bricks. To see samples of the colours we offer call into our main office in St Johns.

 Ready-to-Use Cement Sand Screed


 CORLETTS Ready-to-Use cement: sand screed (CSS) is a correctly proportioned factory mixed screed for flooring and roofing applications. It is compatible with all normal building materials. CORLETTS  ready-to-use screed is not designed to be a wearing surface and should be covered with a finishing material.

CORLETTS screeds are normally delivered in the morning and retarded in order to remain workable for the remainder of the day.

CORLETTS screeds comprise well graded silica washed sharp sand factory mixed with cement, normally retarded for up to ten hours. Screeds are supplied in bulk to any mix specification and, where required, can be made in a grade suitable for pumping on site

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