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The ONLY Fine Bedding Concrete manufactured on the Island!

EasyPave Fine Bedding Concrete is a factory produced cement and sand mix reinforced with special polymers  formulated to produce a workable mortar suitable as a bound base for concrete paving, natural stone paving, cobbles and block paving for vehicular traffic. EasyPave is specifically designed to conform to BS7533 parts 4 and 12. It's cost effective, its durable, its BS7533 compliant, Its EasyPave!


Supplied to your requirements in either 1 tonne bags or loose by tipper, EasyPave is ready to use and does not require any on site mixing. EasyPave is produced to remain workable throughout the day of delivery. The low water consistency of the mix enables placed mortar to quickly develop the compressive strength required to support paving, so further water should not be added on site. EasyPave can be laid in thicknesses up to 75mm in one pass with greater depths achieved using further layers if required.

EasyPave has good freeze-thaw stability and is resistant to oil and many chemical environments.

EasyPave should not be used in temperatures below 50C.  


The bedding of concrete paving, natural stone paving, cobbles and block paving shall be carried out using EasyPave Fine Bedding Concrete. The product must be stored, handled and used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

Quality Assurance

EasyPave is produced under a quality assurance system conforming to 

BS EN ISO 9001:2000 accreditation number 92088.