Corlett Building Materials Ltd

 Block Paving


CORLETTS  Concrete Block Paving offers designers a flexible load bearing which is immediately usable, and offers many advantages when compared with bitmac or concrete laid in situ.

Our paving blocks, more commonly known as paviors, have excellent durability, long life, skid resistance, strength, and an attractive appearance.

 We manufacture two patterns of pavior - our Drivestyle Pattern is a rectangular unit produced in 55mm and 80mm thicknesses. A range of six plain colours and two multicolours are available with Drivestyle.

Our Heritage pattern is a three size paving system with a textured surface which when laid in a random pattern gives an attractive aged appearance. 

To assist with the precise laying and adequate vertical interlock, paviors of both patterns have nibs on the vertical serfaces, so ensuring optimal pavior spacing.

Technical Detail


SURFACE AREA                   STANDARD               200mm x 100mm nominal

                                                HERITAGE                 207mm x 172mm

                                                                                   172mm x 172mm

                                                                                   103mm x 172mm

THICKNESS                           55mm and 80mm nominal

TOLERANCE                         +/- 2mm on length and width

                                                +/- 3mm on thickness

WEIGHT                                 55mm: 120kg/m²

                                                80mm: 180kg/m²

COVERAGE                           DRIVESTYLE:                                    50 paviors per m²

                                                HERITAGE:                            55mm   8.4m² per pack

                                                                                               80mm  7.2m² per pack

COLOURS                             DRIVESTYLE:                                    Buff, Bracken, Charcoal,    

                                                                                             Peat, Rowan, Rustic,

                                                                                         Tuscan, Cinnamon

                                                HERITAGE:                                        Autumn Mix

FITTINGS                               Kerb and drainage units in matching colours. Internal and external corners to order.

STANDARD                           BS6717-1 1993

DELIVERY                              Banded in packs. Delivered by crane offload vehicle.

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